An alternative to a week long detox is fasting.  It allows the body to kick start its rest, repair and regenerate mode and can be a great way to reduce attachment to a particularly unhealthy food stuff.  Fasting leaves us feeling lighter, less congested and re-energised.  Apply the principles of Ayurveda to your fast to ensure it meets your specific needs.  Work with your most dominant dosha using the following as guidance.  If you don’t know your dosha or you are unsure which to follow then try the ‘vata’ fasting ritual first.


  • Drink plenty of warm water and spiced herbal teas to burn away “ama”
  • Regulate your sleep pattern, an essential lifestyle choice.
  • Avoid over stimulation.  Detox from television, radio and social media.  Notice how less stressful it is.
  • Take triphala or a teaspoon of castor oil nightly to help flush your digestive system
  • Remember to reintroduce yourself back to a normal diet gradually.  Simple uncomplicated foods


VATA: Vata types struggle to go without food.  They need the energy so going without food for a long time is not going to be beneficial.  For vata types going on a mono fast for a short period of time and including rice and mung bean soup is the way forward

PITTA: Pitta types manage energy well but do tend to build up inflammatory heat toxins.  Pitta types will need to rest well and can benefit from a one to three day fast and may include mung bean soup and fruit and vegetable juice (following the appropriate principles of non-sweet flavours)

KAPHA: Kapha types benefit from longer fasts and will do well from fasting in general as they tend to accumulate and store energy and can be overweight.   Kapha types can tolerate a diet based on just spicy teas or hot water.  A light mung bean soup can be taken during longer fasts.

Please remember to consult a doctor before detoxing or fasting if you have any health condition, are pregnant, or have any concerns.  He/she will advise you on whether it is safe for you to follow a detox or fasting plan.



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